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Our Courses

Prestige Skills Training provides online training courses for a variety of subjects including a range of vital business skills, crucial health & safety training and comprehensive health & social care courses.

Every course is professionally designed to effectively communicate the learning material, maximise engagement and create a memorable learning experience. Our online training is an effective way to acquire key skills and qualifications without the hassle or high price of offline training.

All our courses feature a free trial so you can try before you buy.

Our Business Skills online training contains a wide range of engaging courses providing invaluable skills that will contribute to building a more efficient, successful business, including management, marketing, sales and more.

Our health & safety online training provides engaging, interactive courses that cover a wide range of topics crucial to ensuring a safe environment for employees, customers and other members of the public.

Our Health & Social Care online training covers a range of important topics focused on developing an awareness and understanding of a variety of health conditions, which is important even for those outside of the social care industry.